classOur Mission:

STRIVE’s objective is to equip New Jersey’s inner-city youth with the tools they need for productive adulthood. We offer a variety of educational and vocational programs and believe in engaging the family for optimal success.


STRIVE aims to build upon its current programs to become New Jersey’s premier service provider for at-risk youth. Our goal is to create a centralized hub where inner-city youth and emerging adults can receive academic support, vocational assessment, and career counseling and coaching.

About Us


AnimatedNewLatest News !!!

STRIVE is pleased to announce our involvement as an official Partner of the Newark City of Learning Collaborative (NCLC). NCLC is a new citywide postsecondary network, committed to increasing the percentage of residents with postsecondary degrees, certificates and quality credentials from the current 17% to 25% by 2025. The mission of NCLC is to: (1) Promote quality, equitable access and success to all students especially those underrepresented populations. (2) Support, build and strengthen postsecondary initiatives in the City of Newark, and (3) Increase the percentage of Newark residents holding a postsecondary or high quality credential to 25% by 2025.

This is a remarkable initiative, which sets mission-driven goals that are shared by the entire collaborative. STRIVE is proud to be a part of this wonderful cause! The attainment of these goals is the best true measure of our collected success. It represents a true effort to assure the continued success of Newark residents. Stay tuned!