Message From The President

AttaThank you and welcome to the website of Strengthen Teens and Reach Inner-City Vital Environments (STRIVE), a vibrant non-profit dedicated to breaking barriers and improving the lives of youth and families in New Jersey.

At STRIVE, we believe that each individual is capable of reaching their full potential if provided the necessary resources and support through a holistic and people centered approach. With a strong emphasis on understanding the needs and strengths for each individual in our programs, we apply the traditional method of personalizing each participant’s chosen life plan. Out of this understanding arises STRIVE’s quest of “Building Futures, One Person at A Time.”

An assembly of dedicated Trustees, seasoned and passionate professionals, generous donors and dedicated volunteers serve as the engine that enables STRIVE to provide direct services to at-risk youth and families from the most vulnerable urban and local areas of New Jersey. Our in-school, out-of school and summer programs combined with our mentoring initiatives have proven effective in breaking cultures of failure and misdirection. We believe that involving parents and educators along with qualified social service personnel is a first step to planting foundational seeds that can positively impact the development of an individual.

Strengthen Teens and Reach Inner-City Vital Environments (STRIVE), in its fairly short time of existence, has proven its dedication to serving effectively and efficiently. We are able to provide our services through formulated partnerships, community engagement and an array of support from our funders and donors. We are a growing organization opened to working with those who share a similar vision and passion. We are open for partnerships, support and collaborations and so we humbly ask that you consider joining us either by volunteering as a mentor or in any of our listed programs, donating or sending us suggestions you may have. With teamwork, we will be able to affect positive change in our communities, families and youth by “Building Futures, One Person at A Time.”


Atta Acheampong, MPA
President & CEO